Cowboy Kong and Bravin’ Saddles hit Duke’s

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The unlikely duo of Bravin and Lebold pull into the packed parking lot to see Spit Stix and his band do their Country and Western thing. This is Dukes? Yup. 10.00 cover charge at the door- “and would you like to purchase a jello shot or a beer?” Ummm, no, it’s only twenty feet to the bar and I think we can hold out ’til then, thanks. Initial impressions- we are SOOO out of our comfort zone. Hey Dan, did I ever tell you that I once got fired from bartending at a C&W dance club for making too many sarcastic comments about line dancers? The eyes are immediately drawn to the insanely large american flag that serves as the backdrop to the entire stage. There is a musician- apparently the headliner- with a backup band playing a cover of Bob Seger’s “Night Moves” as we get our first round. This musician had a first name, but we only remember the last name- Otto. Otto is a self-promotion MACHINE, and the audience LOVES IT. Otto was in the navy, and his heroes rushed into the towers during 9/11(cheers). Otto had been in 30 countires before he was 21 (including Guam- remember that, there may be a test) Otto has lived in Nashville for the last 12 years (more cheers). Otto was born and raised in Fort Lewis and is a Northwest boy (more cheers) who is 6’5″ and weighs 270 lbs (good to know). Otto was nominated for 2 CMT awards, 2 Grammys, and 2 AMC awards (crowd goes nuts). Otto wrote the MOST PLAYED SONG in country music last year (crowd now frenzied). Otto rambles about his family- “grampa hadn’t been on a plane since he fought in the Korean war (again, good to know. May need that information later).” Is there a song coming at some point? Yes, indeedy! He starts in on (and yes, he does mention this again) the MOST PLAYED SONG in country music last year (crowd erupts!). Dan and Scott tremble with anticipation and… realize that they have never heard this song before in their lives, and are the only people here that haven’t. While waiting for Tim and the band to set up, drinks and Fathers move out to the relatively quiet smoking porch and notes are compared. 1) The women are by and large very attractive. 2) The women tend to make a lot of eye contact, very disconcerting for two guys used to hipster bars. 3) Both guys are enjoying themselves way beyond their wildest expectations. This is great! We gotta get Parker in here so he can start a brawl. Back inside when Tim’s band goes on. Well polished group, though it seemed Tim’s immense talents were being wasted just keeping a steady beat. Band gives a shout out to Thirsty Fathers (no cheers from crowd- how did Otto do it?) Great drum solo from Tim here. crowd thins and the swing dancers get their groove on. From our perch right by the dance floor, we watch a senior citizen doing some hybrid swing dance/ Spanish Matador thing with a young thing more than half his age. She is laughing wildly. We are in awe. He is a dance god and we can only applaud him at the end- he’s that good. Back out to the porch after Tim’s set. Tim joins us for random entertaining conversation. Bravin asserts that the thirsty fathers must congregate here at some point in the future. Beyond anyone’s initial beliefs, there is nothing but wholehearted agreement. Janush, meet Otto… He’s your new competition, only more famous, at least according to him.

Bars Visited: Duke’s
Cycling (Mi.): Carbon
Attendance: SL, DB, TL