Well, seeing as at least two of the fathers have a passion for international football, it comes as no surprise that 4-4-2 would deserve proper inclusion as a favorite. I mean, where else in Portland are you gonna watch the semifinal match of the Copa Libertadores or a bracing cup tie between Cardiff City and Luton? Hell, they’ve even got an official Portland Timbers log round hanging on their wall. However, even if it were possible to overlook the establishment’s unparalleled commitment to the football fan, we would still love this place. Why? Because it serves up unique food, boasts an inspiring selection of rotating taps, and faithfully embodies the Portland neighborhood bar ethic that we so crave. There is a sense of humble authenticity to nearly everything at 4-4-2. Its sports fanaticism comes from a Bosnian ownership steeped in European football tradition. Its menu is inspired by traditional offerings such as the essential Cevapi, an immensely satisfying beef and lamb sandwich served on handmade Lepina (bread). When sipping on a pint of Eastern European pilsner watching a replay of a Bundesliga match on the big screen, you feel a connection to something often missing in most American watering holes: a sense of commerce naturally and inextricably interwoven with communal spirit; An authenticity that can only come from direct, humble intentions and stewardship. Not only a Portland staple for footie fans, 4-4-2 offers a warm welcome to any who wish for mental and culinary voyage to Eastern Europe. Think you don’t have time for another round? Don’t worry, the barkeep just added 5 minutes of stoppage time.