Foster Gardens

Foster Gardens

7855 SE Foster Rd., Portland, OR

(503) 788-2578


In Brief: Dive full or characters and a unique table.

Summary: While the dumpy exterior and somewhat sketchy location could dissuade the enthusiast from venturing in, those who do will discover a classic table, friendly service, and more than a few regulars lurking to show you how it is really done. The 22 foot table is rightly positioned in full walk-around and is well cared for, despite the battle wounds it has endured through the years. It is free to play everyday and the beer is served cold. What more could the shuffleboard addict ask for? How about the chance to play someone who has played the table for nearly 30 years? Her name is Audrey. She’s 75 years old. She’s the one cackling like a raven at your shots from the bar stool. She probably already has her name on the chalkboard to challenge. Even though you haven’t a chance, take the challenge. It is, to say the least, a rare opportunity to play a legend.


Atmosphere: Deep dive with a certain coziness. Fifties style bar stools surround a u-shaped bar. Interior wood siding gives the place a trailer park vibe. Check your hipster hat at the door. This place is for people who work for a living. Freezer full of cold glasses help make the chiefly domestic beer go down easy. No hard liquor, but that’s probably a good thing. Can get rather smoky under the low ceilings. The shuffleboard table area has nice muted lighting. Perfect for game play. Watch your step. The floor can get real slick very fast if wax falls off the table. Staff is friendly, attentive and makes you feel right at home.


Table: “The Rio Grande” 22 foot table from the American Shuffleboard company. This is most likely from the early to mid fifties, but it might be older. The cracked paint design of the carriage is common to tables of this period. The plank has seen its share of abuse, but it plays with all the character you would expect from a table of this age. Considering that it resides in a slightly depressed part of town and that the bar has had multiple owners, this table has been well preserved. Although some might look to adjust the plank to even out some of the ambling tendencies that earned it its “Rio Grande” moniker, we feel it should remain as it is. Audrey, the legendary veteran of the table, deserves to continue playing it as she has for nearly 30 years. This is classic table that truly has endured. Despite honestly displaying its veteran character, its value, like the legend that knows it the best, is something that cannot and must not be underestimated.


Scoreboard: Large chalkboard on west wall.

Weights: Americans that look like mates for the table. One loose cap.

Supplies: Wax shakers, board wipes, t-square, etc. Everything that you need.

Cost: Free everyday.

Tournament Play: Its always a tournament when Audrey’s in the bar.