Old Market Pub

Old Market Pub

6959 SW Multnomah Blvd
In brief: Deep SW, four classic tables, brewpub-sports bar-ski lodge vibe.
Atmosphere: This place is a strange mix of McMennamins-style brewpub and country restaurant. It’s spacious, meandering confines outfitted with heavy wood tables and concrete floors give it friendly, but slightly awkward feeling inside. The well lit front bar with a good variety of micros (both of their craft and by others) has ample stools for the sippers. The kitchen sends out upscale brewpub fare. There are about five too many large screen TV’s stuffed awkwardly in the rafters and behind beams, making for a disjointed, sports-bar-stuffed-into-a-ski-chalet vibe. Despite its slight weirdness, the food and beer are good and the service is friendly.
Tables: 4 tables. All very vintage classics. 2 Rock-O-Las and 2 Nationals. All 22 feet. The owner is obviously a collector, as there are extra planks lying around under the tables. They all have their quirks, but the game play is very good. They tables have ample space, but they are situated in the long, winding hallway to the banquet room. As most areas in the bar, it seems a bit far from everything else, so the wait staff can easily forget you are there.
Scoreboards: Blackboards at each table.

Weights: Good puck sets; some better than others.

Supplies: Ample wax, wipes, and t-squares.

Cost: 4 bucks per table / per hour. This is a bit much in our view, but not entirely cost-prohibitive.

Tournament Play: Supposedly, but no information was given at the bar.