Rumpus Room

The Rumpus Room
10555 SE Division St.
Portland, OR 97266
(503) 254-9212

The national advertising states that these are “the best tables in town” and, at least in this case, there is truth in advertising. This surprisingly spacious little dive off the beaten path is heaven for the discerning shuffler. The tables are excellent (especially the older one) and well cared for. Cost for play is rock bottom and Saturday tournaments keep the keen players coming. Only the somewhat isolated location, beer-ad decor, and the less interesting, polymer second table keep it from the top spot on our list. The TFC have a secret, selfish hope that the location and humble environs continue to help keep this place under the radar so that we can play in peace.

Charming dive with a more than ample space. Outdoor neon sign with seemingly a different letter out each visit. The shuffleboard tables are removed from the pool tables so the games don’t interfere with each other. The bar itself is separated from the game area, but close enough to watch. Five raised, semi-circular, orange vinyl booths line the outside wall with tinted windows above. They form an “L” around the tables, providing great viewing spots. The place has a classic bowling alley vibe. Taps are standard American with a micro or two thrown in. They also serve cocktails and standard bar food fare. Jukebox serves up 70s and 80s rock and soul. Staff is friendly and clientele is what you’d expect from east of 82nd: no nonsense folk who enjoy a cold beer.

“The Brunette”
A vintage Rock-Ola built between 1948 -1950 (the only period these were made). The surround is lined in brown carpet and there are loose, soft linoleum pieces included at each end gutter for extra protection and to facilitate collection and reuse of wax. The plank is likely the original, although it was refinished by “Queen City” out of Seattle on an unspecified date. It has quaint outlined stencil lettering which is quite faded. The lines are very clear however. It has a great caramelized patina with a good number of nicks, pits, and marks which do not have an adverse effect on gameplay. Playing on such a well-preserved table is a delight and an honor. It plays fast and has a slight rail curl, allowing for long bending shots. This table is truly a treasure.

“The Blond”
The carriage is a Rock-Ola with the same vintage as the Brunette, but with metal horse collar reinforcements. The plank is where the difference lies. This one appears to have been built locally in 2004. It is a quite exquisite blond wood with solid black lettering, but there is a 1/8” polymer top on it, making it play … well … like a polymer topped plank. They just don’t play like the vintage lacquer tables. While this blond is alright to play on, it is a far cry from its classy, brunette neighbor.

Scoreboards: Two vintage electronic scoreboards mounted on West wall. Scoring buttons on outside of tables. Reset buttons for each on the east side of the bar proper.
Weights & Supplies: Sort of a mixed bag in the regular weight sets with a fine set reserved for tourney play. Wax shakers, board wipes, & linoleum gutter ends to gather wax.
Cost: 25 cents per game/ per person. Tuesdays and Sundays – free all day.
Tournament Play: Cash tourneys on Saturday afternoon. Open to all. Everyone throws in $7 and the bar matches. Doubles partners drawn from a hat.