4306 N Williams Ave.
Portland, OR 97217
(503) 288-1085

Although slightly too hip for some, this bar is very nice. The garage doors to the street and beautifully planted patio garden provide the hint of the spaces former industrial purpose. The owners have done a fine job creating a cozy space inside a cement box. The 22 foot shuffleboard table itself is, at times, excellent. However, it is not maintained well, not stocked with wax, and gets unbearably sticky for good portions of the year. The lighting, mural, and placement of the table allows for excellent playability. There is a steady stream of players on most nights, so expect to wait a bit. Overall, a very nice place to drink and play, if you can muster up a bit of tolerance for the self-stylists and the occasionally grumpy service.

Warmed up industrial ambiance with good cheap beer specials, a full bar, and enough food offerings to keep the late niters sustained. The jukebox is filled with an eclectic mix of off and on the map music from the 80s to the present. The garden patio is the bees knees. Great on summer evenings, but also refreshing under the heat lamps on chilly evenings. The location is slightly isolated, even with the continued development of the area, but it has benefited from being slightly removed from the now slightly overexposed Alberta Arts district. The service has an east coast coldness that some take issue with. In our experience, the service has been consistent and friendly enough to make it a frequent stop for us on shuffleboard outings. Great beer specials, ample bike parking, and generally agreeable clientele are all votes in Vendetta’s favor.

“The Swerve-driver” or “Uri Geller”
22 foot table from the Eagle Shuffleboard Company. This Canadian built table is well constructed and provides for good play most of the time. My guess is that this table was built in the early 80s. This table usually sports well-used gritty wax which slows it down a good bit. It also has some spotty patches that, despite attempts at proper care, have not consistently provided better play. The seasonal changes have a dramatic effect on the play of the table, with summer seemingly providing the best environment. When this table is playing well, the healthy bit of rail curl that earns it its nickname provides a uniqueness we appreciate. The table is well positioned and amply lit for play. A very attractive 3-piece mural hangs above the table, which gives the bar and the shuffleboard playing area a distinctive sense of place. The lack of supplies is a travesty. The care level on the table seems to be getting worse. We donated a table wipe and consulted the owner to try to get the conditions back up to snuff, but it hasn’t helped. Daily maintenance is needed on a table that gets this much play. Without it, the play will continue to be inconsistent and, therefore, disappointing. Quite a shame for such a fine table in a fun bar.

Scoreboard: Twin chalkboard on north wall.
Weights: Sun-glo Spanglers in a matched set. A very consistent puck set.
Supplies: None. Sometimes not even very much used wax to salvage.
Cost: Free everyday.
Tournament Play: None