4815 SE Hawthorne Blvd
Portland, OR

Atmosphere: Stinks of cheap American beer, but in a good way. Unassuming is an understatement. The wood paneling, cheap tables, and cluttered bar keep the expectations low. Despite, or maybe because of, the low brow digs this place can be a magnet for the young and hip. This is probably due to the proximity to the Space Room and the overall Hawthorne youth vibe. Nothing much to do here except play pool, shuffleboard., or look around and wonder what has become of your life.

Table: American 12-foot bankboard in a highly functional state of disrepair. This is the only real bank board in town (the Standard’s being unplayable) and for that it gets a boost in our rankings. You see, this table has fallen victim to the disrespectful antics of careless players over time. People seem to treat everything in this bar as a place to accidentally spill your beer and, unfortunately, this vintage table has not been spared. The fact that it has withstood these brutal tests and still plays admirably is simply a testament to the rugged craftsmanship of these tables. Or maybe just luck.

Scoreboard: Non-functioning (or not plugged in) scoreboard above the table.
Weights: Original set now showing signs of abuse and age.
Supplies: Usually a fresh can of wax or some used. No table wipe.
Cost: Free or cheap. We usually give a couple of bucks to the barkeep after we play.
Tournament Play: Nothing official, although we hear the owner of the bar is a shark.