V is for Vendetta

Meet the Snipper at Hawthorne. SA’s gonna fix the flat and catch up later. Zulu as well. Muggy. Down Salmon to the river. Watch out for machete death clowns. Up the esplanade, through the Rose Quarter, up Williams to Vendetta. Excellent bar, great patio. Some New Belgium and then switch to Total Domination. Zulu arrives. Finally get a shot at the shuffle board. Really gotta push this board and the sides catch and center. Martin and I go down 15-0 before we can figure it out. 21-13 looks respectable after that. The Spaniel arrives, just days after his 38th birthday. Zulu and SA take their turn and upend the table keepers in a damn fine match. Zulu rules. Dispute with hippie hat about who got next. “C’mon, I’m twice your age!” Old Guard take on the D & O railroad. We take the lead early and eventually finish it off. Off to the Nest. Old school surfing film on the wall. Zulu bows out. Then Martin. The remaining Southnomans decide unwisely that last call means Maker’s and beer backs. We grind wobbly all the way down 39th, waxing loud and mad about … uh, I forgot. The next morning was afternoon before it stopped spinning. Belated happy birthday SA. V is for …. uh, I forgot.