How Do You Apply Deodorant?

Late start. Roll down across the Sellwood Bridge and up the westside of the river. Pit stop at 1st & Arthur. Damn good customer service. Down through Tom McCall and across the Steel Bridge behind some circus bikes on an art crusade. Up Williams to Vendetta. The full fab four: Zulu, Snipper, SA, & I. V is for Viral Vendetta Vibe. Try farming in the city, bumpkin? You too could be shoveling steaming manure from freshly shorn Alpacas for just two installments of $49.99. No. I’m sorry. I don’t apply deodorant in that fashion. We’ll handle the plug, thanks. Lights on for shuffleboard. SE over NE 21-20. Blockwalk and off to The Nest. Shaneless Mondays, but Big Blonde at the bar and old cartoons on the wall. Tiny man swallowed by a mule. Bleachy dreams of nether regions. Maker’s makes the man. Back on the bikes. Us versus icy June. Over the hills and the blinking light. Home.