Zoo 2 Vendetta

Meet SA at Richmond school and pedal over to MAX to meet the Snipper.  Spokebills! Accidentally ditch SA on the train platform but he catches up on next train. Dirty kids with shaved gypsy heads, knives and swords in sheaths, sewn-in cargo pocket pants, and, of course, a shovel. Get off in the center of the mountain and elevator up with the gypsies, 600+ feet to the zoo stop. Have fun. Don’t try it on a long board. Pedal up to Fairview under the yellow moon. All downhill from here, snaking through the old money castles, the heirloom roses, the chlorine rising off the reservoirs. Down through NW, over the Broadway Bridge, and up Williams to the empty Vendetta. Stella’s first, but then it is on to the OLY and PBR tallboy special. Shuffleboard is crooked good. Shutouts, record unanswered runs, and buckets of lingo. You just cannot stop the lingo. Pots and pans, bottles and cans living together. Who is the rocket scientist? Shuffled out? And now, The Nest. Tuesday night is quiet, but that doesn’t stop old ponytail from talking about the flood and old Oregon. Nachos from heaven. Don’t you have jobs in the morning? Oh yeah. Unlock and get a going. But wait, a stranger steps from the car. “You’re not going to the Goodfoot.” Green question asked, answered,  & pulled from a jar in the trunk. The luck of the Scottish. Cycle to Dub-Dub’s for candles in the backyard and, oh yeah, the vastness of the universe. How about a vegetable tour? Crates of onions, potatoes, turnips, lettuce, and oh, the tomatoes. Sweet 100s and the goldens. Brandywines and purples. There’s a thermostat in there? Who knew? Eating basil and cherry tomatoes at 2:30 is now legend. Holy tomorrow, we gotta go. Cycle down the Alberta bitchslap. 39th all the way. Load’em into the truck at Division. Let the radio choir sing, “Like a bridge over troubled..” Down Bybee with the windows open. The choir into the sleeping ears of the fast asleep. Set the alarm for four hours from now.