Mexican Incident, Hello Again, and Deep Scot at the Nest

After a solo visit to Foster Gardens, it is off to the Vendetta via the improved route. Arrive, lock up, and watch for the bike light up Skidmore. Just the Snipper and I. Two Stella’s please. Bookgirl and Bucksome have the table. We ask in, only to fall in a Mexican Incident, 21-19. Ask the Oly drinkers if they are waiting on the table. “If I wanted to play games, I’d go to the YMCA!” Screw ’em. To singles then. Uh oh, Dubs trumping all of my shots. But wait, what’s this? A return to form? Hello again, Mr. Game. Great shooting. I take three of five. Off to the Nest. The ride! Darcy at the Bar. Two bar stools waiting. Where are you from? Edinburgh. Shit, this guy takes me right back. Been here five months. That place’s not like that anymore. Jameson and some nice beer backs. Talking music all night. What’s wrong with 2am? Sausages in the cold. Fist bump at the turn. Long cold ride home that I’d sure like to forget. Off to the folks for Thanksgiving on Thursday. Maybe there’s a shuffleboard bar in Olympia.