Wendy Water-level, Dos Incidencias, and Lousiana Hot

One day after opting out of Tuesday, Snip calls for a Wednesday. It would have been a crime indeed to miss a week. Meet at K-school for soak. The tub is way hot on this cold night and packed to the gills. “It ain’t the faces, you know” Wendy Water-level enters. Her nickname is “Damn!”. When the fellow with the road worker’s vest gets in, it’s time to leave. V is for very nice and Vendetta. We own the weeknight roads. Czechvars all around. Squeeze onto the table against two Philly boys on their last night in town. Dub-Dub and I build an 11-2 lead and things go straight down from there. Zulu and I fair a bit better, but still “dos incidencias” cannot be avoided. Torta humilde. Vamos al Nido! Shane! Table right there please. Nothing hotter than Lousiana hot. What time did it get to be? Good morning, good morning, good morning all the way home in the cold.