Quick as a Bioswale

As reported by the Davis Street Lever: So……….With the notion of the thirsty fathers turning up en masse to toast and celebrate Scrappys fine lady’s birthday being scrapped and with Kong konging, moshing, and flogging the flailing flesh at ‘Flogging Molly” Farmer Dan fresh from the fields calls up the EBMB to inquire whether Tuesdays’s thirsty continuity will in fact continue. Quick as a Bioswale the EBMB suggests a soak cycle and suds at the Kennedy School. A beautiful evening beckons and the Farmer and the EBMB meet up on SE 42nd and Hawthorne with the EBMB reveling in his new found location location location leverage enabling him to arrive at any Portland location 15 minutes before he actually leaves his new apartment. Soak’s all well and good but with air temp nigh on matching the tub temp it’s a major sweat out and we need cooling down with some fluid return. Quick and pleasant ride along NE Ainsworth to the Florida Room requires only one bird flip and before we know it we are flipping pints of ‘Hub organic lager’ like there is no tomorrow helping one of Portland’s finest femmes and our good friend Nancy celebrate the 2nd anniversary of her 40th birthday. Want another? Yessir!!! want another? Absolutely, So how about another? Yep… think I do. Tried and true Tim turns up (Really? this father is still a rookie?….Gotta get that man on two wheels) and after deep fried avocado it’s a quick hop step and a jump to Nancy’s veranda where the pipe of peace plays a fine tune and we chill and chat till late. A fine time indeed. Want another???? The farmer inquires and with the EBMB responding in the positive it’s off to Tiga for one late stella before calling it a night not after the EBMB has his ear bent in a kind way by a log time NE neighbor about the good old days. Want another?? the EBMB enquires but like a beer filled bloated bioswale we need no more and it’s home.

Bars Visited: Kennedy School, Florida Room, (Nancy’s Veranda), Tiga
Cycling (Mi.): MB (8), DB(18)
Attendance: MB, TL, DB