Spring Soak, Hallway-kini, and the Fall of Jeweltooth

Almost forgot it was nighttime as I rode out the last daylight to Dub’s. No jacket required for the mild temps of new spring. Test the new gear ratio on the steep climbs up Alameda. Swap bikes for a fixie demo. Perfect timing at the tub, with the recovering Chairman arriving just before us. Tub temp a little mild, but no complaints about the hot company. Hallway-kini bottom is the stuff of myth and legend. Out of the tub and onto the bikes with the Good King arriving as we unlock. Better check around back first. Okay, okay, okay. We don’t have to do the river ride. Florida Room and then Hal’s? Ah yeah. I always turn two blocks early. Florida never disappoints. First sip of many to come of Lagunitas Hairy Eyeball. Finish up and roll to Hal’s, narrowly avoiding the magnetic pull of Vendetta as we pass. Hal’s looks to be getting more comfortable in its new clothes and the drinks are still stiff and cheap. We watch Jeweltooth against another fine player and wait our turn. I chat up the barkeep about World Cup breakfast options. Martin and I make the most of our opportunity and soundly beat the two. We follow up with a win over Team Vagina T-shirt. Jello shots? I guess I’ll take one for the road. The EBMB and the Good King get 2 more wins to finish a fine roll for the TFC. Who says “Stinky Pete” ain’t the best table in town. We just have to come here more often.