Quadramillenial Continued ….


I was calling it a night and was well on my way home when a strange thing happened. It appears my body was magically split into two separate twins. One twin went directly home and went to bed. The other pedaled to Vendetta for festivities previously mentioned. This twin was there when the Vendetta lights signaled for closing. Needless to say, the night was far from over. Finding our first choice, Tiga, closed, a discouraged and tired Kong and Ellsmore called it a night. The remaining 4 chose the Nest.  DJ and whiskey. Punk, funk, and metal.

It was then that this twin got twisted. After being ushered down off a bar stool, the song “Pull my String” came on. This, of course, meant that it was time to dance. A young nubile dressed in white noticed the twin’s dancing fervor and joined in. But only after adjusting his shirt into a right nice nancy boy costume. The two of them then joined in a spontaneous modern dance of a very, very rare kind. Pictures and video were taken for blackmail and posterity. As the Nest too closed up shop, the twin thanked all for their support.

The bemused SA called it quits then and there, but the twin, Zulu, and the EBMB were not yet done. Once again to the Hot Cake House! Hash, bacon, eggs, coffee. This made it the second year running that an anniversary celebration has ended here. The twin has no idea what route he took to get home. Apparently, it was then that he magically merged back into one with his sleeping twin counterpart.

In the morning, I got back on the bike to meet the EBMB for a soccer match and lunch at Costello’s. We then rode to Beulahland for cherry pie, coffee, and another soccer match. Only now having shed the twin, I then rode home slowly.