Soak, Cycle, Sandy, Steve?

The Sandy Hut

The Chairman, the Snipper, and the Silent Assassin went for a dip at the K-school. Unfortunately for them , it was more sausage, less buns. They then cycled down to the Hut, where Kong and Lester’s More were already warming up the table. Prospective new father, Steve, made a strong debut, despite being obviously Australian. It is true that a few years in Eugene can make you Jamaican. Anyway, the Farmers walked all over everybody. The Sandy table once again impressed the group and has possibly earned a re-ranking in the guide. It certainly will play a bigger role over the year. After the Farmer’s big harvest, Kong departed and the rest of the lot rolled over to the Roadside to mess with fire. The tres originales finished it off at the Goodfoot with food and ale and then rode home under the peaceful early morning sky.