Seven for the Snipper

Need evidence that the Snipper is king? How about a record-breaking 7-0 night, including 4 singles victories won with a 65-30 scoring tally? Not enough? Well, what of the fact that he is now 17-3 on the year in singles. That’s winning 85% of your games, gentlemen. His 57-22 overall mark (a truly amazing 72.2%) puts him 12 percentage points ahead of his next true competitor in the 2010 Hammer Quest.  Oh, and by the way, he has taken the lead in the career table as the overall leader. Some other people played on the night, including myself, but that is of little matter. The night belonged to the Snipper. Kong, B*****heart, and the EBMB continued on to the Night Light after. I elected to pack it in early and save up for my 40th next week. Long live the King from Scotland!