Tuckmaster in Bonusland

Once again to the Sandy. SA has the long journey across the street, but miraculously arrives before me. It ain’t news, but the headline¬† reads “Spaniel Shreds Scrappy” after a brisk and brutal defeat. The EBMB (Extra Bushy Monkey Beard?) arrives next, followed quickly by Kong, and we go doubles. Farmers roll us, but find Foz and Chairman a bit too much in the next match. Full tilt from then on.¬† Count up the rare ones, fellas: double hanger, 2 10-point ends, 2 shutouts. The scores are there for the taking. Snipper’s curling winners earn him a new moniker: “Tuckmaster.” Wounded and cursed, my only consolation is found in the absurd flashes of the video crack; the new name for the Hut table: “Bonusland”.