Trash Talk Thicker Than Your Momma’s Ankles

The first official Trash Talk Night, a nasty affair not unlike my night with your momma, went over like a fully loaded B-17 bomber. Lee, also known as the “Lee-Zard”, took top honors in the view of this reporter, his subdued and constant undercurrent proving to be of peerless class. The often flat and forced delivery by Scrappy left him way out of the running, despite ridiculously exhaustive research. Other sporadic snipers such as the EBMB and Kong provided pockets of spice, but failed to season the whole pot. The Sandy Hut, originally planned to be the first of many stops, became the lone venue for the night’s verbal barrage. The accompanying shuffleboard matches provided a fair foil for these bejeweled jibes, with game play marked by several notables and a few mutli-game runs. Scrappy and Zulu ruled the night, going 4-2 and 3-1 respectively. Scrappy’s 3 hangers on the evening brings him within one of the 50 hanger plateau. Two more milestones were achieved on the night: The 600th career game played by the TFC and the Spaniel’s 300th. Also notable was the appearance of 9 fathers on the night, including a rare Leech sighting. All in all, the night was a nasty cocktail of cheap beer, sticky wax, and public smear. You know, just like what’s brewing in your momma’s squeezebox.