Packed Pool and a Heavy Nest

Packed pool. B*****’s limit temporarily suspended due to previously noted “packed pool”. Man that pool was packed…did I mention that already?  I get a little dizzy just thinking about them. Mac Truck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 The Baptism. Stop enjoying yourself so much Martin. Dan pulled kicking and screaming from pool. Quick swoop down to the Nest. Knob Creek and a pint of HUB lager kick off the evening…well spent first real pay check in over 2 years. Owen gropes Bowser’s daughter.  Really!? Yes, as big as grapefruits.  Vas the deferens. Fathers saturate the Nest…all corners covered. James is anointed “Father-At-Large”, our ambassador to the world…or at least Bellingham. Consensus: Prince is a really good song writer. Dave brings together old and new friends. The dj has no Neil Diamond?!? Ping pong in the rain.  Puddles on table. Good night Cinderella. The Tiga, La Chouffe, Il Panini! A beautiful January night to ride home in. Great night fathers.  Let’s do it again next week.

VD? Oh you mean Vas Deferens…..I’d need to be having sex with you before I get a vasectomoy Ok!a. Dark hair, blue Bikini…Life is getting finer by the minute. I feel like I’m recreating my living rom wherever I go. See…I’m cycling beside you and hanging out on my sofa at the same time. I want to order $100 worth of food please. I am an Alpha Male. No thanks…I’ve had 5 pints already….sure I’m going to Tiga.

A huge night.  Vintage Thirsy Fathers outing, the type I’ve been missing for what seems like e few months now.  Great conversation, great friends, and interesting strangers.  The Nest certainly needs to be back in the regular rotation, and a huge thank you to hose of you that shelled out large amounts on the tabs (Martin and Dan with an assist from James).  More nights like this are needed.