Hop, Fox, & La Chouffe

Returning to the fold after vacation, the classic Los Tres make up the night’s posse. The long daylight in early summer has us looking to explore, so we aim the wheels to NOPO’s Hop and Vine, a bottle bar with a good tap selection and patio. Altoona goes for the 21st Ammendment Bitter, while the Snipper and I opt for Mad River Double DIPA IPA. Mazzy Star, Johnny Cash among the music offerings. We finish up and head to next new stop: the Red Fox, a place with tremendous TFC potential. Fittingly, we chose Laurelwood Red and split a Jameson single. Plenty gooned already, we opt for the trifecta and roll over to Tiga. Two 750ml bottles of Belgian La Chouffe, beans & bread, and  grilled ham and cheese makes a bounty of a nightcap. Fine bar-tending, great DJ, and plenty to look at as always. Feeling well served, we unlock and pedal home. New pavement south of Powell makes mine a smooth finish. The heap of miles will surely mean heavy legs in the morning, but it is great to be back in the saddle. If only I had the energy to stop in the middle, swivel around a bit, and go at it hand over hand.