Vintage Space

New is the new black, so we start at the Vintage. Dan get’s his Group on, Scott arrives after the honey-do list, and the EBMB shows up in very skinny shorts. We go local (Tallboy and house whisky). Justin behind the bar has plenty of Spokane and ski hooky stories. We’re thinking Coalition, despite Justin’s declaration of “no-support” due to free market barriers in play, but the doors ar eclosed, so it is off to Jade. This place is not quite happening tonight, with a DJ playing for himself and the help lost behind the counter. Eventually, the good lady arrives and warms us up quick. The patio is for the lovers, so we drink and bail. We roll on over to the Space Room, getting our ‘vard on as we go. The pint glass rusty nails are long gone, but we get good pours and relax on the porch. The subdued EBMB departs with a closing round, but the rest of us hit the Wick, with Kong sweeping up in spades in 8-ball. The clock ticks down on the pumpkin, so I am off. Lovely ride and just under the midnight curtain. Nice one fellas. See you next week.