Mallware’s First Miles & 44 Years

Martin’s birthday is not to be missed, so its a rare Friday for me. Meet up bluntly with Tim at Martin’s. Send Tim back to trade his four wheels for two. Meet us at the rock poster show. Tim’s first cycle miles. Too blunt for the family in force, but the posters are keen: Nick Cave in harbor; Social System thumbprint ID; Peacock carved skate deck. Check her out, she’s maybe 11. Tim is definitely Mallware from now on. B*****heart arrives and we’re off to the Vendetta for Jamesons neat and Trummer Pils backs. Shuffleboard? Yep. I beat the Snipper 17-9 to become the second man to 200 wins. Singles match with Mallware is cut short for Feisty nubiles. Dan, suddenly intrigued by the sport, steps in for the Leech. Despite our mediocre efforts, the incidente can not be avoided. Feisty females take down the Southnomans 17-12. To the Tiga for two bottles of La Chouffe, bread and oil, calamari, and cauli tempura. To the Sandy Hut for beers and the faithfully loose, but one outta two ain’t bad. Kong checks in for the drink. Red Flag? Good luck with that. It is really too bad that the Red Flag wouldn’t serve us at 2:10 a.m. If it had, we would have ordered two tequila drinks, sat outside for another half an hour, and talked of integrity. Too bad non of that happened. Something that did happen was a crash against the curb about 3.5 miles from home. This crash bent my derailleur into my spokes, making it impossible to roll. Therefore, I carried the bike the rest of the way, alternating shoulders every block. Let’s just say it was a bit more strenuous than a mall walk. Happy 44th to the Snipper. See you Tuesday.