I Read it on a Napkin

Space Room napkins don’t lie. Last week’s scrawl was this week’s crawl, as we played agendees.  B*****heart and I continued our 100% prepack attendance with a dock stop, a Portlandia vigil, and a Morrison Bridge screw-pike return to Pok-Pok. Yasgur made us three for the three year return trimmed with pork shoulder curry, fish house wings, and tamarind sours. Sufficiently gomed, winged, and soured, we followed the texts to Hal’s. The Good King ruled the roost with a 5-0 shutout and flood night. I rode his shirttails, my 5-0 mark boosting me the 2010 lead. Team Zulu-in-law lost twice, while the Farmers went 0-3. Casting humility aside in the interest of objective historical record, my 42-8 mark over 50 games (84%) is a truly singular feat. With Good Day Oregon’s early wake up call pulling the Snipper home and Dave dissolving into the night, I too left it to the Spaniel and Zulu to make good on the napkin’s Gold Dust promise. We’ll have to wait to see if they continued on or just cruised for bio/horti/agri-curious nubiles in the fertile fabric of the clear, cold Portland a.m.