Poof Riders on the Storm

Great ride last night. The Springwater Corrider path was fantastic. Can’t wait to try that ride in the Spring or Summer. Despite all my earlier poof rider talk, I sacked up and made the ride. Turned out the weather was surprisingly nice. Clear, cold and hardly any wind. The ride home was a little shitty though when it started raining ice pellets. Those little muffucas sting! Oh and my dumbass started heading South on 28th instead North. I got to Woodstock and yelled FUCK I’M RETARDED! I think I scared the nice couple walking their dog. We had some great shuffle board moments last night as well. Close games and amazing comebacks. Scott was MVP of the table last night. Bravo sir! I’ll miss TFC next week. I’ll be in New Orleans gettin my Mardis Gras on! – The Adjuster

Fine night.  Would’ve loved to be on the bike, but I had a couple of friends that I was meeting soon after.  Show up at the Cat ready for a few games.  Good showing of Fathers, with Sean, Shalen, Dan and Martin already getting their poof on.  I take the table soon after arrival and… well, I never gave it up after losing the first game.  The last time I shot like that I chalked it up to good lagging and a lot of sheer luck.  This time I simply hit every shot I needed to.  Despite nights of better records, this was by far my most skilled evening ever.  And with a couple whiskeys in me before I showed up, I certainly wasn’t sober by the time I left to meet Julie and Aurora for a couple more.  After that?  I wasn’t even remotely sober.  I’ll see all you poofs next week! – Kong