Rusty Prepack, Debut on Denver, & a Tiga Feast

Spost to be dry as yo gram mammy’s teat tomorrow. Where we goin? -Adjuster Maybe all the way to Tavern on Denver. Way up in Kenton, so it’s plenty of ride. I’m bringing Rusty Nail fixins to Le Prepac because, as we all know, nothing rusts like a nail and rust never ever sleeps. – Scrappy Mixed Nuts Bread and butter Deviled eggs Calimari Xmas limas Butternut squash tart Bacon and egg tart 2 pulled chickens 2 bottles of La Chouffe 4 bottles of Ninkasi Gren Horn aka Tricerihops Photos – Chairman Bars: Tavern on Denver, Tiga Fathers: Lorenzo, Dan, Martin, Brian, Sean, Gerard, Owen, David, Shalen