R&R&R: Rum, Rumpus, Roscoe’s


Rum clubbers wearing rubbers. Pickled eggs, chicken liver pate, toast, and an Old Quartermaster. Adjuster sipping a Sister Ray. Smart, nice and very pretty behind the bar. Mt Gay Dark neat to finish. Ride under clear and cold up to the black lagoon. Bezzo, Chairman, the EBMB, Namath, and the Friar waiting in the duck mess. Quick hellos and then east via Davis out to the Rumpus, the brunette awaiting. Chariman and EBMB continue streak until Bezzo and Scrappy break the run. Kong makes us 8 strong. Tiga is far away. Roscoe’s is close. I check out for a curfew chase. Great ride. Gome by schmidnight. Bars: Rum Club, Rumpus, Roscoe’s. Fathers: Scrappy, Adjuster, Bezzo, EBMB, Namath, Chairman, High Kook, Kong.