Rerouting the Deferred Transgression

Arriving without a license to soak is like arriving stoned at the DMV. A discouraged Chairman arrived with change of plans involving large bags. Haikookie pondered lonely initiation in the tub, but stepped out red-eyed and willing. After the rhythm and basement, we joined the others at the V. Zulu took to sorting out the evenings obvious transgression. Cookiesheet-gate was on. The messenger was killed at first, but soon the deferred transgression was rerouted and Kong was spared. The Adjuster arrived just in time to piss Kong off by having honors, chasing him to dateville in a hurry. The Lazies upped their mini-run to 5 before team Acid-L sniped honors away. The inaugural stage victory went to the Chairman with these January results. Some of us went to to the Tiga after for La Chouffe and food. Others went lamely home. Especially, flat tire High Kook, who might as well have been walking. – Statty

Bars: Vendetta, Tiga
Fathers: Chairman, Statty, High Kook, Bezzo, EBMB, SA, Kong, Zulu, Adjuster.