Upskirting and/or Downblousing


Most definitely TF approved; Great weather, Great ride; SB was kinda so so; Patio chat – laughs – jokes – humour and ‘lets just chill here and hang out vibe”; Impromptu combo tandem riding / interpretive dance; Maximum points to Ellsmore and Chariman for their off road/gymnastic interpretation; Pop up Push up shop is back for the summer? Tandem out at least once a month; “This is the sort of danger an organization like the TFC needs to keep it relevant”; If I’m not upskirting – I’m down blousing – Dub Dub Dub Dub Bars: Vendetta, Beulahland Fathers: Chairman, Dub-Dub, SA, TBA, Bezzo, Adjuster, Ellsmore, Statty, Namath