Never Mind Uranus


Fathers meet at Belmont station on a bright sunny but chilly Junuary evening. Next Month Julyber! A guys lets us use his welding glass to view venus crossing the sun -Upon further questiong with regard to his other heavenward pursuits he responded “I don’t think I’ve come across Uranus before though.” Never mind uranus I distincturely remember seeing something bright green when I held it up to the light – must have been all that sun huh? Herbie was Hutched last week – Scott warns him of the dangers of being ‘Rumpussed’ All this from a man who can swap a pile of rusting vintage auto for another ( Seriously nice work Scott) The trade up continues – next week – a Van Gogh. Never mind Uranus we ride up the shoulder of Tabor and down back streets it to Rumpus. The brunette doesn’t fail to deliver oustanding play from all and a satiskindafactory night for all plus now we got stats like you wouldn’t know thanks to the SPARKER app. Me – I got my own TFC app – you can call it a shortcut if you like but I know an app when I touch it and make it get all big and then small with just two fingers. Let me clarify……….. Sure we played a ton of SB, drank a bunch of beers and ate some tots – damn cheek expecting us to pay for it at the end – sheesh. Seven wide no hands up the street as we whittle down to 3 to a new bar called “over and out 10/4 good buddy” really?? 5 pinball tables and pool – nice bar – good food – quiet vibe – nice place. Gome as they say by Schmidnight 30. – Dubble dub dub Nice writeup. I’ll post it on the TFC app. You should receive a confirmation via pony cart in a few weeks. The pony will have a QR branded on its fanny. Scan it and someone will send you scantron test to complete. Remember to use a #2 pencil. Everything should get squared away by the end of Julyber. – Statty Sleep well my friends! For at dawn we ride to Cock Ring Forest! There’s a nice downhill on the other side… – Chairman Bars: Belmont Station, Rumpus, Over and Out Fathers: Kong, DDDD, SA, Statty, Adjuster, Bezzo, Uncle Sam, Chairman