El-P prepack with Los Tres and Namath; SA with a notebook and a TFC timeline of ages; Weatherman on our side; North Naito looks like a vanishing pointed at the sun; Gas and oil swimming in the haze over the broken pavement and split rail; Hwy 30 is for the lovers and giant semis; Bridge climb rolls gravity against my old knees; Ceremonial walk over the Peregrine’s nest; Edge ride on the overlook bluff; Adidas and the curly bridge and skidmore all the way; Vendetta is the familiar solace of patio and slow shuffling; Kong, Chairman, Bezzo, and Uncle Sam at the picnic already; Beulah for for Los Tres? Nope. Just two; Gome by schmidnight. – Statty

Bars: Vendetta, Beulahland
Fathers: SA, DDDD, Statty, Namath, Bezzo, Kong, Chairman, Uncle Sam