New Bar Summer #3: Proof


Can I get a hellz yeah for El Tincturo! The daytime of the night. Our Summer Bar Tour continued at Proof. With a large TV in the background, our bartender entertained us with his astute commentary on Schwarzenegger’s incoherent performance in Commando. “I mean look at the situation here! He’s surrounded! How’s he gonna get out of this mess?” Upright Brewing’s Pilsner is my new favorite beer. Pimms tastes better than it smells. Off to the Hut for some great shuffle board. Cockring Farmer vs. Cake Farters. Video lottery guy looks at the score board and says, “Guess someone’s gotta grow the cockrings.” Indeed video lottery guy. Indeed. Three outstanding games of the greatest sport on Earth. Uncle Sam was playing like Dub Dub. SA was playing like SA. Statty was playing like Kong and I was playing like Hooooooooooorsssse Shit! SA had a hanger tipper motherfuckas! Others went to Beaulahland for a slice a pie and I thought about breaking into Lambeau and stealing all the dropper bottles. Adjuster was gome by schmidnight 40. I think. Dreamt of sleeping in. – Adjuster

Bars: Proof, Sandy Hut, Beulahland
Fathers: Uncle Sam, SA, Statty, Adjuster