New Bar Summer #2: GatoPack™, Gold Rush, & Victory Spätzle


GatoPack™ began with a band prax overlap. Chairman arrived after Mekong for patio lemonade followed soon after by Dubz. Saison Dupont (a dry-hopped, limited release of the venerable Belgian) was poured. Namath arrived, with a goatee for a tattoo, fresh from doing crunches on a cruise ship. The exquisite pale ale met Pave de la Warche, a creamy Belgian cheese. With Yukon calling, we set out on the back of a Gato-led snake through Eastmoreland, Reed campus, and an idyllic summer breeze. You guys aren’t from from here, right?  All questions can be answered by the New Business Map. Boon town mating call makes a scuffle out of nothing. Medicated Will Smith needs a prison chain for his bike. Dubz beats carbon Vic, but LizaGato get the gold rush. NFL=No foldies; BBW= B*****’s Folly (as in she gave me the B, the B, and the W); and NBA=No Back Rests. SA arrives late, grouses about the summer cup, and then leaves early. Or maybe we left him at the Yukon? Liza rides Namath, Dubz and Gato to the Victory, but bounces before a slightly underwhelming spätzle experience. Nice bar, though. Ride home is a t-shirt, warm wind, and a brilliant life. Gome by schmeleven-30.

Bars: Yukon, Victory
Fathers: Gato, Chairman, Dubz, Namath, Vic, SA