Gato Van Shalen wins Coppa di Estate


It took until midsummer, but the inaugural Summer Cup finally runneth over. At the soon-to-be-demolished Black Cat, the field of eight intrepid fathers finally narrowed to one lucky one: El Gato. However, the opening matches were these best of the night, with Swan outlasting a sharpshooting Namath and BLT ousting the valiant Bezzo with a last-end 5. Vic took advantage of some uncharacteristic mistakes by Dubz to provide the only true upset of the night. Gato Van Shalen was opportunistic as well, beating a sharp-dressed but dull-shooting SA. The semis could not match the drama of the first matches, seeing BLT slip by Swan and Gato edge Vic in somewhat unremarkable fashion. The final also passed without the customary excitement, with Gato taking his second cup of the year comfortably. In the end, the dusk of the Black Cat served as a dawn for El Gato. Not sure how much we’ll miss the frontier dive atmosphere and the shitty beer, but we will certainly mourn the loss of of yet another classic table. Goodnight, Pussy Galore. We hardly knew thee.

Bars: Black Cat, Kay’s
Fathers: Vic, Swan, Gato, Bezzo, Dubz, Chairman, SA, Namath