Lezbo Reverse Superfund


Ailing back be damned, the Lezbo Superfund calls! Meet up with Dubs and Swan in Rose City for an epic sunset rollout. Text prompts a Gness pickup on our way to Penis Park. Trader Vic, smoking rose petals and crouching in the bushes, is there to make it 5 wide on Ainsworth. SA can’t see the sunset with his mug in the muff, and gets all no show with a tedious stream of “where are you” texts. Through the square arch and onto the Leisure patio for many pitchers of “I’m gonna take it a bit easy tonight”. Swan and Dubz moan about skipping the bridge, but wisely crack their minds back to the idea. Gness lies down in the center of the bridge (and universe). Ramp down to 30 is Coney Island Death Drop. Superfund shortcut has us deep in the smell sooner than later. Vic goes wheels in rails and ass over kettle, but escapes nearly unscathed. Swan bails, but the others stay for Low Brow food and late night banter. Ride home is sheer bliss. Best ride of the year.

Bars: Leisure, Low Brow
Fathers: Dubz, Statty, Gness, Vic, Swan