Blue Moon – Gold Dust Meridian

To say that the Blue Moon honored us in fine fashion would be an understatement. The $50 spot on the bar tab says otherwise. To say that the shuffleboard table was just fine would be a bit of an understatement as well. Despite the tables being barely 19 feet and cramped a bit by the proximity to the bar (waiters) and the pool table (pool players), the tables played fairly fast, true, and provided a good platform for healthy competition. They do not have the character of the older tables and play spot-on straight, but all in attendance said that they would return. Went to the Gold Dust afterward, including an ominous MLK (Mid to Late Climb). I nearly cracked a chalupa getting up that hill. Dubz passing swiftly by my extra 30 pounds halfway up did little for the lung struggle.

Kong, I know you were worried. But it looks like someone found your Phish bootleg discs bro.