A glimpse of a Tabortop Tuesday eclipsed by Time – it used to make me wait; it now just makes me late. Vic in the Slut at 8, sucking on Melo’s candy stick (wait, let me clarify…). Finds swan perched at the far end of the Sandy  bar, watching the Heat get Spurred, buying me a beer, and a whiskey — an auspicious start to a fine one-night stand. Three more fathers pour in before the tap runs dry — SA, Phiets and Melo. They fly in formation through rough skies, wavering but never falling. A break in the action when a couple of young bucks who fancy themselves players compete for the table; shortly they walk away, beaten down 20 to 3, and we get back to business. Swan and Vic ride the Karaoke camp thermals to new heights together. The final tally – 6-and-oh my goodness for V-Form, oh and left wanting for the rest — belies many a close game. Average margin of victory for the 5 games against fathers:  just 3.4 points — just enough for Swan to fly his win streak up to nine straight. A late ending to shuffle balances a late start. No food was consumed, only carmelized whiskey and beer. Gome by Schmidnight-thirty, hungover all day long. – Vic