Coppa di Bezzo

Bezzo won. 13 of last 15 points in final. Hard lines for everyone else.

Twas the night before coppa
And attention was keen
On the last cup in question
For 2014

Dubz was the favorite
All according to plan
One more cup for the mantle
And hammer in hand

Vic had led early
But his chances grew narrrow
And he couldn’t forge hammer
From silver sombrero

Lizza stayed quiet
Hoping for a late push
But his vision got blurry
From blackberry kush

Bezzo stood tall
A giant at times
But he somehow fell short
A tale of hard lines

Swan kept on swimming
And slinging good puck
But we all know a swan
Is just a white duck

SA gave chase
With pride on the line
But when beaten, sat viewing
Chubby pictures online

Gness showed rarely
Played well when attending
And despite all the losing
Was always contending

And Gato, poor Gato
Was nothing to see
A cat without claws
And squarely JV

As for Namath and Faks,
The rarest, not best
Delightful young men
But not up to the test

Zulu was funny
And okay in spurts
And Kong let the candyman in
Til it hurt

And Phiets, the coy chap
Had his role down pat
Lose just enough
For the mexican hat

To the Yukon we go
So please pucker up
Good times will be had
13 papas, one cup