Pucks Down Bills up

Fog thick as a DubPak through Holman soup. Gato solopak with enough water on my eyelashes to quench Saharan Africa. Humpback, Dear Lizza. Kittens, Dear Henry. Phiets l’orange trades bucket for handlebar bag. Soft Serve = DQSS = Disqualified. You guys might want to go on ahead. This fog is thick. I think the Hutch is up here on the left. Look at that. Love to, but the fog is in the way. Menlo is fresh and full of life. Square Arch Trvia. I was gonna cut designs in my hair before the ride. Fort George and a winter’s ale. Click clack patio heaters. Bronze Bezzo arrives in his carbon love matcheen, man. BTU = Bachman Turner Overshare. Two weeks in Mexico. $200 for next game. Slow ride through the thick Irving Park lampglow, abandoned mall parking stacks, murky SE. Gome by schmidnight o eight.