Category: Kennedy School

Sleep is for Bitches

Quiet sans Gato. Soakers (a.k.a. oglers). Erik the Dutch. Vendetta. Oh yeah, and Swan reminds Zulu that “sleep, is for bitches.” Pretty sure that’s a quote from that there Holy Bible; somewhere toward the end of the book.

Dong With The Wind

Kschool soak for Lizza. Kongpack for others. Chuck Bareass at the Yukon Dong Show. Two dongs don’t make a right. Rules are made to be broken, dongs are made to be shown. I’ll reach out later (let me clarify). Song sung blue, weeping like a willow. Dong show view, biting on my pillow. Swing by the dong show. He. He. I’m out tonight. Enjoy the dongs. Yukon is shutout central. Dübz gets 3 points in 3 games? Gato the unannounced goes unbeaten thanks to stage Victor. Yukon gold rush over and everyone rolls gome, like a bag of dongs in the wind.


Soaker MCs drying their danglies like a bunch of foggots. Riding thru the fog to the Breakside …. like foggots. V is once again for Vendetta. Especially for foggots. Smokers pavilion patio and happy carmel California. Fun Fact: You know what they have a lot of of California. Yep.

Superheated, Undefeated, Bunny Ears and a Swerve Completed

Meet Martin at 8 for a dip in the tub. Superheated for the ride to Vendetta. No damn chicken pox can keep Foz from coming out. Singles matches on the Swervedriver all falling my way. 4 games to none. Some kind of luck is ruining the sweet justice of Mr. Barrett holding serve on his table. Lee beats Martin and then heads home to the infirmary. Draw doubles against the “Stud Muffins”, New Jersey bunny ears and all. (see picture) “Pucker up!”. No Mexican Incidents tonight. The Old Guard stands two games to none. Undefeated night for SP! So long slump of ’08! Cycle to the Nest. Winter night cycling, if I haven’t mentioned it before, is simply the best. One block’s worth and then blaze into the young bizness inside. Sit on the Cash Couch and then move to the bar. Whiskeys and Boone’s. We honor absent SA with a new nickname: Breedlove. Catch up with deep Scotland in the crowd. And who could this be? Kong! Whiskey and backs. Hey, how about that Search and Destroy sausages all Chicagoed out? The Lousiana for spicy King Lebold. Martin springs for another German with chili. Ride up the vanishing point streetlamps to the golf course. Fists for the long trip home. Good morning, Rose City. Hey guys, did I mention that I am now 13-4 in singles and 7-5 in doubles for ’09. Over the last two weeks, I am 10-1 overall with 4 hangers and a shutout. Did I mention that? I’m not sure that I did. Would you like me to mention it again?