Category: Sweet Hereafter

Melo as a Brick

Prepack melo brick delivery. I brought a knife. Can you cut them for me? Commons Flemish Kiss. Soul Coughing, Buffalo Daughter, and The Mighty Hannibal. Scenic route with high speed Laurelhurst swoop. Phiets bucket, 4-bike lockpile. Hutch peanuts and pitchers. Dubz and Swan sweep. You alright, SA? I’m doing just (gaze frozen pregnant pause) … fine. What is it, 9:30? Goodfoot is lock, look, and leave. Gold Dust is halibut sandwiches and best jojos. The difference between a cromagnan and a Scot is that a Scotsman only drags one arm. Ya know, I’m just breaking it down … boiling down the brass tacks … ya know, decrystalizing. Winners caramel it on home, while SA and I scout date night opps with vegan chocoalate raspberry cake, Breakside Dry stout, and Gone the Bells cocktail. Hat shame, glove shame, and headphones for the ride gome. Schmidnight thirty, if you must know.