Category: Tannery

Little Miss Hutchet

Green Bay Prepack. I would have been here earlier but I had to stop at the collective. Brown bag beer? Too hoppy for the caramelites. Rose and way … frightened the bi guy away. Up Glisan to the Hutch. 6 strong in numbers, 2 strong at the table. Vic and Swan sweep to 4-0. Dubz, Swan, and I opt for Tannery boot shots and raindog longnecks. No rain for the all downhill ride gome at the smoke of schmidnight.

Girl Nicknames

Felicity, Lizza, Shannon, DeeDee, Nancy, Talia, Lynn, Erika, Sally. Plus Sweetsleeves, & Tatum. Go Winterhawks. Day in the Life of an At-At. Hutch-Tannery combo is gold. Fort George “Java The Hop”, Monte Cristo, Sloppy Joseph, Cauliflower and Fries. Gome by shmone under light rain and headphones. 


12 Dongry Men

Already a full house cup grab-a-thon before Kong makes us a count of 12. Booger may have owned the Hutch, but first five go to Vladamir Gatovic in lease with option to buy. Victor is 18-2 over last 20. Dübz continues momentary lapse by dropping two in shutout fashion. De La Soul, Beasties, Lowell Fulson and more as jukebox is shifted into Swandrive. Good hobnobbing with the whole bunch. Most musta went to the Tannery, but I was gome by quarter to schmeleven.