Thursday Farewell

The Snipper called in a request for a ride, seeing it was the last Thursday opportunity for a while, due to new schedule. The night was nearly over before it began with a frustrating flat tire. Unwilling to let the beautiful night go uncelebrated, a workaround (requiring a bit of fossil fuel) got Dub-Dub on the road with a borrowed bike. Springwater frogs and Hal’s for the second time in the week. The shuffleboard play was simply stunning, with the EBMB holding top honors over the course of and evening by a slim margin. 2 tacos for a dollar proved to be an unwise investment. “Call it an evening” said SA and retired to his home. “28th and Stark” said Dub-Dub and Starsky and sped off to the Goodfoot for a TG nightcap. News of a fast shuffleboard table at the Yukon Tavern. Maybe a shuffleboard stop after DVB on the 15th?