Springwater Shuffle & Whitesnake

Following a full day including a fine 4th birthday celebration for Ruby, it became abundantly clear that we must get on our bikes. The EBMB made the journey south to meet us, then down to the corridor. Pause and ponder on the bridge. Umatilla a mess of cracked pavement, track excavators, and orange construction barriers. Frog chorus echoing through Oaks Bottom. Lights off under the stars. Watch out for the guy in the backpack. City lights. Yes, that’s the Ross Island Bridge. At least I know where Ainsworth is. Chain jump fix. Hal’s. Slickest, fastest, smoothest, best. Zulu arrives by burn of fuel, but he’s there. Play to 15? Short line is the foul line. Hangers just an additional point. Kielbasa=last throw hanger without a touch= free beer. Everyone up to the task, but SA owns the table. Pump for the flat. You ever felt like this before? Off to Beulah! Video DJ. Lionel Richie and pure 80s to greet us. Manson’s “Beautiful People”; Andre 3000 with “Hey ya!” Missy Eliot; M.I.A; Whitesnake; “Hot for Teacher”; The Jam; “Stand & Deliver”, Grand Master Flash; “Lola”. Call it a night. Pump for the flat. Too late for bus #75. At least it’ll shorten the walk. Next up: DVB at the Doug Fir.