Brownout Vigil

Is Monday is the new Thursday? SA, Dub-Dub, Scrappy, and Zulu makes us four. Met up at Hawthorne & 42nd and returned to the Kennedy School after a long hiatus from the soaking tub. The tub was packed and a bit cooler than normal due to a power interruption earlier in the day. Because of the tepidity, the warm down after was less severe, leaving us refreshed but not reborn. Shuffleboard was our next goal, so we headed South again. The distant Hal’s was chosen, but by virtue of a memory surfacing just at the right time, a less ambitious detour was chosen in order to explore a new (to us) table at the Sandy Hut. Despite the annoying claustrophobia of “pinball corner” and a few divots and dead spots, the table impressed. The highlight of the night was when the Farmers came from well back to win against two cocky-but-friendly locals. Wisely quitting while we were ahead, the bikes then pointed a few blocks Southwest to the familiar haunts of the Goodfoot. SA and Zulu had had enough and called it a night. The valiant Old Guard forged on, the reward being the brilliantly subdued lighting created by local power issues at the Goodfoot. The candlelight atmosphere made for a magical pint or two. When the light come back in full force, the lot of us felt cheated of the accidental romance. Our magic gone, we rode home.