38 Special?

Monday is the new Thursday! The EBMB rides down to SE. Vin Bio is gonna catch up later. After a glorious day, the sky opens up and pours as we ride. We temper our initial river loop plans and tuck into the Yukon for shuffleboard. Weird, fast table with a giant TV hanging over which makes playing horrible. Scrappy fights back and takes the rubber match. Dry ride to the Speakeasy. Great table. Very competitive. Not as fast as Hal’s, but arguably makes for a better game. Zulu shows and upends the Snipper who was previously killing all comers. Statty returns to upend Zulu, then Dubs to finish strong. SA is a no-show due to extenuating circumstances. Ride up the hill to the Goodfoot for a good pint and then home. Shower for everybody and then up to bed. Happy Birthday.