Irvington, Part II

The planned second jaunt through Irvington is abbreviated due to SA’s delay. Business still unfinished? Through Irvington leisurely, snaking through alleyways to Irving Park. Suddenly Skidmore and V is for Vendetta. Tuesday is non-gay night with $1.50 PBRs. Shuffleboard occupied by people playing wrong, but they soon leave us to our duel. Shutout! That makes 3. But, then SA smokes me 18-5. Then the Farmers complete a 21-0 blowout of the Panda Rapers. Nuff shuff! To the Nest! Fast chugging down Alberta. Darcy and Shane manning the pumps. Whiskeys and beers. Snipper veggie survey at 1:00a. Alberta bitchslap and 39th all the way. Wednesday morning is the new Monday.