Finished Unfinished, a New Alley, and God’s Braille Typewriter

Edgefield plans die in deaf ears and tired minds. Best to finish the unfinished: Irvington and Vendetta run out. Zulu joins the trip. Chocolate chip and the search for the alley. Path found and retraced to the origin: 14th and Kilckitat.  Alley all the way.  Test my leaps on Irving Park hoops. Up 7th. Down Skidmore. What’s a V for? Group on table playing fierce but scoring by hemispheres. This is not shuffleboard. We, the Southnomans challenge the table. At least SA is up to the task. He finishes the game with a hammer and sickle. But what’s this? NoPo Mojo into ones and twos  for a 16-11 victory. Mojo continues v. the Turd Burglars. NoPo v. Southnomah rematch is much of the same, but SA’s lone wolf cry  drowned out by sharp cutting sound northern acumen. Nest? Nest. Shane and Darcy.  Packed out on to the patio. They really should put films on that wall. Uh oh! 27 year old poet who forgot to pack his hawk outfit. “Elastic plums!”, “Wilderness of Scholars!”, and the “Braille Typewriter of God”. That’s enough. We gotta talk amongst ourselves. What? Another one. Try to break it up, but he just switches to rap. I gotta stop this. Tell Darcy and the guy at the door. I was serious about the hawk suit and I’m serious now. Please leave us alone. See ya. Martin says that the guy was me. Maybe. But I would have remembered the hawk suit. Shake hands with the hawkman and we’re off the veggie taster morning  show before the road home. Alberta Bitchslap and the 29th corridor: the Tuesday night staples. Home by 1:15a. Good enough. How do you spell NoPo Mojo in braille?