Never Shall I Punk Again

Meet at Chez EBMB. Zulu along but Vin Bio si no show. Soak under the chill and then off to Vendetta. Ainsworth for a Zulu brother wave from the porch as we pass. Somehow, we miss Williams and double back. Zulu swerve-sized bike lanes on Vancouver. Vendetta is busy and we wait on the table. Old Guard challenge and lose 15-11. Snipper played well while I dug the hole. The comeback fins that the hole is too deep. Zulu and I challenge¬† and win 15-9. Up a lot,¬† sputter, then finish. My “punk” last throw attracts ridicule. Never shall I punk again. Where is the full SoPo? SA? Are you listening? Cycle to an empty Nest for a blockwalk and three seats at the bar. Braille typewriter guy arrives. I chide him for forgetting his hawk suit again. All is well with the three of us until … we go outside. Very chilly and cold. Home at 2am.