The Slingshot , Tankless, and Keen Horses at the Trough

Chilly ride to 52nd, a quick corridor, and I’m way too early. Every space for lease except Papa Murphy’s. Dub-Dub arrives and we head for the Slingshot. Watch the final 10 seconds of a Franklin High soccer match. Aha! The Slingshot = the Nest of southeast? Blockwalk. Kong arrives. Vintage table and full of uphill and downhill quirks. Mere three pucks a side is a travesty. Bar has some wax after all. Statty ekes by Dubs and Kong. SA arrives to set up doubles match of the century: Farmers vs. Heretics. We take an early lead , but the long walk to 21 opens the gate for the gardeners. Dubs screams in with a 5 to make it 20-20. Dan ends it with a 2. Nice place, nice owners, quirky table. We will surely return. Tanker? Don’t follow Parker, or you’ll find yourself in Gresham. Blockwalk. Ten too many TV’s and flat beer. No thanks, Tank. Next door to the Watertrough and bankboard. Table is truly first class. Southnomans over Dub Kings. Dub Kings answer with shutout. Southnomans respond with two very solid wins, including a remarkable 28-2 victory coming via a 9 by SA on the final end. Vin Bio also had a hanger 6, the first of its kind. Bankboard is golden. Kong stops pretending he’s fully recovered from surgery and leaves for home. The other fathers cycle to the GF for stocking caps made of whiskey. Bad 3-ball to be forgotten. The time at the tone is get on home. Cold air and the rolling hills of 39th. Home at 2a. Goodnight Southeast. You’ve been good to us.